What Ventura County Home Sellers should know

Below is information about What Ventura County Home Sellers should know when selling their Ventura County home.

It is often a difficult decision to make and you want the process to go as smoothly as possible and that’s what I offer.

I will help you correctly asses what your home is worth- a fundamental step in assuring a quick and profitable sale.

I won’t waste time showing your home to buyers that are not qualified. I will be there with you along every step of the way, from listing to close, so you will never need to feel confused or unsure during the selling process.

Along the way to a Sold Home

I will be there for the entire selling process, from marketing your home, coordinating showings, presenting offers, negotiating price and terms of offers and always helping you understand the paperwork involved and in today’s real estate environment, there is a lot of paperwork!

Decision to Sell

When you decide to sell your home, you are taking a major step, setting a chain of events into motion, which hopefully will culminate in a successful sale and move-out.

So, it is critically important that you have a clear idea in mind of WHY you want to sell your home, along with your expectations, financial considerations, goals and post-sale plans.

If you don’t define these things for yourself before your start, you may go into the sale with vague or unrealistic notions only to be disappointed by reality.

Of course, you love your home, but you need to put that love aside long enough to view it objectively as an investment property you wish to market.

About the author: The above Real Estate information on What Ventura County Home Sellers should know was provided by Kathy Stoltman.

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Kathy offers a wide range of real estate solutions for buyers, sellers and investors, attracting clients who demand excellence—in marketing, negotiations, market knowledge—and a genuine concern for their needs.

Kathy services all of Ventura County beautiful Cities: with an emphasis on Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo & Ojai.

If your home is not on the market and you want to know How Much is My Home Worth? Kathy can help you sell your home, just ask her about  her “Certified Home Package” that she offers…..takes a lot of the drama out of the transaction!