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The Silver Strand Beach Homes in Oxnard are located between Hollywood by the Sea and the Port Hueneme Navy Seabee Base.  Silver Strand, commonly referred to as “The Strand”, is a collection of mostly post-WW II single family homes, some Multi-Family homes, and some larger newer homes located directly on the beach.

Silver Strand Beach Homes are as unique as this beautiful beach area community, and they range in price from $425,000 to $2,999,000.  Obviously, proximity to the Ocean, size, and condition all play a role in the price of each particular Silver Strand Beach Homes in this beach community.

When the name was created, as part of the Hollywood Beach subdivision in 1924 it was spelled as one word Silverstrand, but in the Ventura County Coastal Zoning Ordinance the name is two words, Silver Strand.  But however you want to spell it, this eclectic area has a wonderful vibe to it, not to mention beautiful beaches.

In the Silver Strand community, one will find two small commercial areas. The first is located around Roosevelt Blvd, and there one will find a collection of small restaurants, (all very casual) a yoga studio and other small businesses. At the south end is a local pub that occasionally features live music.

Speaking of music, well sort of, if you are a fan of punk rock, Silver Strand is credited with being the birthplace of Nardcore punk rock.

Back in 1970, there was a luxury cruise liner La Jenelle that was anchored off Silver Strand waiting for repairs when strong winds pushed the ship near the entrance of the Port of Hueneme.

Because it was waiting for repairs, there were only two crew members on board on this April 13th day, and they simply could not keep the cruise liner from moving towards the sand bar where it capsized.

The owners abandoned the 50-year-old cruise liner, so the Navy, cut the exposed top off the cruise liner, then filled the hull and surrounding areas with rocks and sand creating a breakwater as well as a popular fishing spot on the south end of the beach.

While I have not seen this, I understand that parts of the deck and hull can be seen from the south jetty and a full-length view of the ship can be seen from the ocean.

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