Hunting for Homes on the Internet

Hunting for Homes on the Internet

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Hunting for Homes on the Internet

We all begin our hunting for Homes on the Internet. So let’s talk about what one will find when one searches the internet. One will find a whole lot of websites that will show a whole lot of homes for sale in a given area that may or may not be available anymore.  The contact information on the property detail most likely will not be the listing agent’s.

Here is where I think there is a misconception by the public. Many folks think they need to speak to the listing agent.

If you are interesting in buying a home, then you should have your own representation.  The listing agent is representing the seller. You see when we take a listing we pledge to the homeowners/sellers to get them the best price for their home as well as the best terms we can for them.  If you contact me and I am the listing agent, how can I really get you the best price for this particular home if I have already pledged to get the homeowner the best price as well?

I have heard folks say, well if I work with you the listing agent, I will get a better deal. How is that possible, really?

Listen, it is always in the buyer’s best interest to have their own representation.  Way back when, before I was in the business of helping folks buy and sell real estate, I bought a home with the help of an agent who just happened to be partners with the listing agent.  In essence, this was like having the same agent represent both parties, and I can tell you that my transaction was heavily slanted in favor of the seller. It was not at all fair. Don’t make the same mistake I did, get a good Realtor to represent you.

When you work with me as your Realtor on the buying side exclusively, I will consult with you about what you are looking for in a home, will keep you informed of new listings that meet your criteria, keep you informed of the current market trends, what other similar homes are selling for and give you as much information and tools for you the buyer to make the best offer you can to get your offer accepted on your dream home.  

My duty to you will continue through the escrow process to make sure you are provided all the necessary documents you are required to receive and negotiate any issues that might come up in this process. nting for Homes on the Internet

Let me go to work for you to get you the facts about a property. Many of the homes you see on the Internet are already sold or under contract, so very confusing and frustrating. Let me take care of that confusion and frustration.

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