When is Closing


How will we know when we close on our new home?

You will know closing on your home will happen soon when you sign loan papers, this is assuming you are getting financing for the purchase of your home and not paying in cash.

Regardless of a financed purchase or an all cash offer, the next steps of the closing process are the same.

Once escrow receives the funds from you and/or the lender, we will hear from escrow that this transaction has been “funded”. This will then allow escrow to make arrangements for the documents to be recorded the next day. The day of recording, we will be notified by escrow that this has been “recorded” and the property will officially be yours.

Be sure to get all utilities in your name  and notify the Post Office of your new address before closing.


Here are some of the most Common Utility Company Numbers

Electric……So CA Edison   1.800.950.2356

Gas…….So CA Gas Co…………….1.800.427.2200


City of Camarillo…..805.388.5325

City of Newbury Park…805.498.6770

City of Oxnard…….805.385.7816

City of Port Hueneme…805.986.6524

City of Thousand Oaks…805.449.2201

City of Ventura…..805.667.6500


City of Camarillo

E. J. Harrison & Sons…805.647.1414

City of Newbury Park

E. J. Harrison & Sons…805.647.1414

City of Oxnard….805.385.7816

City of Port Hueneme…805.986.6524

City of Thousand Oaks

E. J. Harrison & Sons…805.647.1414

City of  Ventura

E. J. Harrison & Sons…805.647.1414


About the author: The above Real Estate information on What Your Home is Worth was provided by Kathy Stoltman. She can be reached by phone/text at 805-746-1793. Kathy offers a wide range of real estate solutions for buyers, sellers and investors, attracting clients who demand excellence—in marketing, negotiations, market knowledge—and a genuine concern for their needs.

Kathy services all of Ventura County beautiful Cities: with an emphasis on Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo & Ojai.