ChoosingAHomeBelow are some important points for home buyers to consider and to answer to determine their needs for their new home purchase.

Why have you decided to move?

Are you flexible in timing or need a specific date to close?

Who is making the decisions about this new purchase?

What cities or communities do you prefer?

Do you want a Single Family Home, Ranch, Condo, land?

What size home, how many bedrooms and baths?

How big of a lot do you want?

What is important to you about the layout or floor plan of a home?

Is there a particular architectural style that you like more than others?

What additional features or amenities are you looking for? Pool, tennis courts, 3 car garage, RV parking?

How far do you want to commute?

What school district do you want to be in?

Consider the future and choose a home that will meet not only our current needs, but those for at least a few years to come. You don’t want to be forced to move away from a great investment during a slump in the market just because you didn’t anticipate a change in needs.

Of course, you can’t anticipate everything, but giving your future some realistic consideration will benefit you when you make the important decision on which home you will buy.

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