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Camarillo Home Prices July 2021 Report

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Camarillo Home Prices July 2021 Report

Let’s take a look at the Camarillo Home Prices July 2021 Report to see how the Single Family Home segment of the Camarillo Real Estate Market has performed.

The number of Camarillo Homes sold this August was up by 7 from last August, an increase of 7.69%.

The Camarillo Home Median Sales Price in August shows an increase of 1.25% from what was recorded a year ago, and shows a 4% increase for what was recorded for all of 2015.

The Median Sales Price is the point at which half of homes sold for more and half sold for less; it is influenced by the types of homes selling as well as a general change in values.

The Camarillo Home Average Sales Price rose slightly by .54 this August compared to last August. This price point went up a bit by 2.34% from what was recorded for all of 2015.

One can see the comparison over the last 6 months for Average Sales Prices, Median Sales Prices and the Average List Price in the graph below.

The inventory of Camarillo Single Family Homes is still low.  There are 142 Single Family Homes for sale in Camarillo.

I am excluding from the count and this report, Leisure Village, Somis and Santa Rosa Valley Homes.

The breakdown of available  Camarillo Single Family  Homes for sale is as follows:

What all this translates to is just over a two month supply of inventory which by definition of the Market Absorption Analysis model would still put Camarillo Single Family Homes in a Sellers Market.

Analysis of the absorption rate is an estimate that is used to determine how long it would take to sell off the current inventory of properties if all conditions remain the same. It is significant to mention that this estimate does not take into consideration any additional properties that will come onto the market in the future.

We see at the time of writing this post, that 20.42% of the 142 Camarillo Homes for Sale falls between the price range of $600,000 and $700,000. This price range may not act like a Seller’s Market because of the amount of homes that home buyers can choose from, it may in fact act very much like a Buyers Market.

The least expensive Camarillo home that sold in August went for $356,500. This home has three bedrooms and two baths. It is 1058 square feet in size.

The most expensive Camarillo Home sold in August went for $1,650,000. It has four bedrooms and six baths. It comes in at 5200 square feet in size.

How difficult will it be to find a home in Camarillo in 2016?  

Understanding the Camarillo Real Estate Market is critical for a buyer when purchasing a home. This knowledge will help the buyer decide the best offer and terms for the local market. Inventory and Market Trends plays a big role in deciding just what to offer to secure your next home.

To put your best foot forward when making an offer on a Camarillo Single Family Home, you will need to rely on the experience of a local agent who knows the market well and has experience navigating this unique market.  

Although not every property attracts multiple offers, many of them do, so when you find a home you want to make yours, you'll need to be not only ready, willing and able to buy, you'll quite often need to do it quickly.  

Start your search for Camarillo Single Family Homes for Sale today to see what types of property are available, then give me a call to discuss what your best options are and how I can help you get positioned to find the Camarillo Home of your dreams.

The Camarillo Home Prices August 2016 Report still shows our market as a Seller’s Market because of limited inventory of homes for sale.

If you want to sell your home in Camarillo, call me and I can tell you how I’ll get your home sold for top dollar and fast!

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I am often asked about how the Camarillo Housing Market is doing.

I hope you find the Camarillo Home Prices August 2016 Report helpful!


Number Active: The number of listings for sale which are currently being marketed but do not have accepted offers on them.

Average Days on Market (DOM): The average marketing period of currently active listings. This does not account for some listings which have had a previous listing period, but were re-entered as a new listing.

Average List Price: The average price that a seller is currently asking.

Number Sold: The number of properties that have gone to a closing in the time period stated.

Average Days on Market (DOM): The average marketing time it has taken to sell in the time frame stated.

Average List Price: The average price at which  sold property was marketed just prior to selling.

Average Sold Price: The average price for which a property sold.

List to Sales Ratio: The percentage of the list price that the buyer ultimately paid for the property.

Absorption Rate/Months of Inventory: An estimate of how fast listings are currently selling measured in months.  

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