Ventura Botanical Gardens Update

Ventura Botanical GardensVentura Botanical Gardens

My puppy and I hiked the trails at the Ventura Botanical Gardens on Sunday.  We both enjoyed this wonderful addition to the hills of Ventura.  Many thanks to those responsible for this wonderful hiking path, which gives us breathtaking views of Ventura and the Pacific Ocean but also gives us education information about the the various plants and the regions of origin for these plants.

Ventura Botanical Gardens



The trail opened to the public in October, 2012.  This trail is approximately 1 mile long. It meanders from from behind The Ventura City Hall and Grant Park. 


Here is the latest update for the Ventura Botanical Gardens as reported today in the Ventura County Star, it is the creation of a welcoming center.  As all good things to come, this will take time to go through the approval and planning process, so don’t expect this to open real soon. The projected date of the welcome center opening is sometime in 2018 and 2020.  However, do not let this prevent you from enjoying the garden trails now.  And very good news, there will be restrooms.

Here is the proposed timeline for things to come from the Ventura Botanical Gardens Master Plan that will take place over the 30 years as reported in the Ventura County Star:

2014-2017: Part of Chilean Garden and temporary restrooms open.

2018-2020: The Welcome Zone opens

2021-2023: The restaurant and event center at the Discovery Zone opens, California, Cape, Australian, Chilean and Mediterranean gardens continue to develop

2024-2026: Shade structures installed at Horticulture Zone

2027-2029: The Discovery Center will feature classrooms and displays of art & plants.

2030-2032: Children’s Center and Seedling cage built at Discovery Zone

2033-2035: Conservation Center opens at the Discovery Zone

2036-2038: Drought, culinary & interactive displays open in Cape Garden

2039-2041: Tram service begins

2042-2044: Heritage Center at Heritage Zone opens

Here is the link to the entire Ventura County Star article